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Our Little Kaki Story

kaki /ˈkɑːki/

Colloquial Singaporean English

a close friend or a buddy


(one's) self ; by oneself

We strive towards creating an inclusive environment for all children, while encouraging self-led learning with our products. Little Kaki incorporates natural, sustainable, long-lasting materials and modern minimalist design into our products for our little ones. Safety is a non-negotiable constant in all our baby essentials and products.

Our Ethos

Baby Safety

Our products and materials go through stringent and independent testing to ensure that our products are always baby safe. 

Minimalist Stylish Design

Bright garish plastic toys don't sit well with us. We prefer gender-neutral hues and minimalist designs to delight our little ones. Babyproofing our life can also be aesthetically pleasing.

About Us: About Us
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